Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Loooooong Weeeeeeeeeek

I don't know why, but this week just FEELS long already. I hate when I don't have a lot of crap to do some week at work and I know the next week I'm going to get absolutely plowed over with work...ugggggghhhh.

Anyway, I cannot wait for the Rockies' first World Series game tomorrow night. I haven't been nervous for them at all through this entire postseason because the way they've been playing, I know nobody could beat them. I've gotta be honest - I'm nervous now. And not even because its the Red Sox; its because of the week and a half layoff they've had in between games. I just don't want us to get embarrassed after all that work. We shall see - I'll be cheering my face off (literally).

Its weird living in Florida in the late fall/winter. Today it hit 92 degrees outside. I mean, really? That just seems wrong. Going to a Halloween party and it being hot outside? Weird...

Erica just got a job at Sea World - she'll be doing "underwater dancing"...I'm very interested to see what that looks like. But then again we get good deals on going to Sea World, so that's neat. And at least she has a job. That is also neat.

I dunno...drag drag drag goes today. I love the Jimmy Eat World album. Erica won't let me listen to it in the car with her anymore haha...good times.

I want to get off work and go to the gym...I feel bleagchhhh.

Good times. GO ROCKIES!!!!!!!

PS - hilarious and frustrating all at once that the Rockies can't even succeed at selling World Series tickets online. The one chance they have to make boatloads of money and they can't even get the website to work. Hilarious. Sad.

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