Friday, November 30, 2007

Won't Stop

The new OneRepublic album "dreaming out loud" is amazing. I've been waiting for it to come out for almost 4 years, as I've enjoyed their music on purevolume and myspace for a lonnnnng time. Their album finally came out - granted I already had about half of it from my downloads (that they offered for free on purevolume) from purevolume that are now on the album. All the same, two of my four favorite songs are new to me. "Say (All I Need)" and "Won't Stop" are awesome songs.

Listen to it.

On another note, my intramural softball team (made up of almost all my friends from work here in Orlando) won the championship on Wednesday night after going 1-4 in the regular season...we won 3 straight playoff games against some overly serious really good softball was a blast!!! I will post a picture soon when I get it on my computer so you can share in the glory. PS - your boy had 2 2-run home runs and 2 double play turns in the game at was a big night.

I just ate a Christmas cookie and it was good. But its still like 75 degrees here. Weird.

I finally replaced my iPod that broke about a year and a half ago, but my computer is running really slow so I think I'm going to completely reformat it and put the stuff on it that I need and then install my iPod on it.

Oh life...PS who knew that it costs over $1000 to replace the tires on my car? SO not cool!!! Not sure how I'm going to get around that one...either way I know I'm not going to be a happy camper in a few months when I need new tires.

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Blogger Jim Ellis said...

one republic is on my next to buy list...

tires on cars are expensive... i had to buy two tires for my grandma's car, 367$ for two dumb tires.

nice job on the 2 homeruns... thats my boy...

keep keep on... as joe dirt always says...

oh yeah, today is my day off... bakow!!!

1:24 PM  

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