Thursday, February 14, 2008

Changes...Tupac knew what was up

So everytime I come back to this blog, I realize how much my life changes. It's ridiculous. Not in a bad way, just ridiculous. Like stunning. I have gone through 3 locations, 4 significant others, 2 schools, 3 jobs, and much much much more that I can't even remember just in the time since I've had this blog.

And I barely ever even post on it.

Probably anyone that ever wanted to read my blog has given up years ago because I'm the must inconsistent blogger on the planet.

I had to do what I often have to do in life it seems...end a relationship which I never intended to end, but realized it wasn't going in the right direction and had to do the "right thing" know, the movies always make it out like doing the right thing always feels rewarding.


The right thing never feels good. It always hurts. It always pisses people off. Usually only a select few people and yourself realize that its the right thing for a long time...even years...and by the time everyone else realizes, you almost don't care anymore. But its life, and I'm trying my best to do it.

I've started school at the University of Florida for my MBA now, and after going up there a couple times for exams and presentations...I HATE IT. I can't wait to be done...another one of those "investing in your future" things...between my job and school...I just hope I can get out of the next couple years without hating my life too much...and a little direction from God on where to go next would be nice too.

Between all these changes in my life, girlfriends, jobs, schools, etc. - I really just don't have much time to think. I joined a small group from my church last week, so I'm definitely interested to see where that goes. I hope it's good. I suggested we go through Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell and everyone was onboard...I love that book, so that's good. My group is pretty much all college students though...the only drawback. I feel so much older than them. Crazy how much changes in like 2-3 years.

Long and short, I'm going to try to blog more. So if you even read this (Jim...anyone else?), I'll keep you updated.



Blogger Jim Ellis said...

post some more, or else perish

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