Sunday, August 10, 2008

Like the Moon

The Moon is a funny just sits out there, circles us, doesn't seem to have any substance to it. Just a big rock. Yet at night it shines so brightly because of the Sun reflecting off of it. I find it interesting how vibrant something so lifeless can seem when such a great light is shined on it. I mean, the Moon is dead. About as desolate as things get. Yet, the Sun, in all its power, shines its light on the Moon and everything on Earth is lit up.

I think people are like that. We're so empty. I mean, we're curious, interesting, and unique to be sure. Yet, we're pretty inconsequential in light of the entire world we live in. Regardless, when the right light hits us at just the right angle, we can really shine a light into everyone we meet.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this...but I think the little things we do each day, if we can just step back and see them from a distance, we'll be able to pick up the things we can do to allow ourselves to be a light to other people and not just another body endlessly orbiting the things we find meaningful (we hope) in our lives.

What I've found: Love, Hope, Joy, Encouragement, Generosity...these are the things that make an impact to others. So often we just go about business in our daily lives, and in retrospect we realize how we could have impacted those around us if we could have only gotten over ourselves. These are the things I strive for, yet repeatedly fail. I think the only way to truly be the man I want to be is to let go of my own drive to create these things in myself. Only through giving up and realizing one cannot be all these thigns on one's own can one find oneself becoming all these things. As the moon gives up and simply allows gravity and the power of the Sun to make it into one of the most beautiful phenomenons in all of nature, so must we give up our desires for great things to be made of us.

That may have been completely irrational and scatterbrained, but hopefully it made some sense. I have experienced lately the great changes in my heart and my mind in daily life simply from experiencing the moments of love, hope, and joy in may never know what you're doing to people, but I know I'm captivated by these things, and I'm pretty sure its a common human strand.

Give a little love...give a little joy...give a little hope...encourage me - its easier than you think.


Blogger Farmer Heath said...

Ty, this was really cool to read and actually made me think (like a good devo).

8:31 AM  

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