Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Signing Day

I love how during NCAA signing day, which apparently is the main event for ESPN to cover all day today, is made out to be this epic moment in history. I mean, you get to watch these kids with no idea about anything past their high school halls go on TV and get that little taste of what "could be" if they someday make it big in football.

What I want to know is how many of the kids in ESPNs "top 150" who get televised as they grab their hat of choice off the table in front of them, or more likely, tell their homie who used ta block fo dem, to grab the many of those guys ACTUALLY succeed and make it to the NFL? How many even make a significant impact at their college teams? Not that I care, but NCAA football is such a huge enterprise that no wonder guys at USC are driving around Range Rovers owned by rich alums (reference: Joe McKnight) who just want their alma mater to do well so they can brag to their golf buddies about it. And for those guys who never make it to the NFL, this is their first taste of thinking they can slide by and they will be worshipped and paid out forever...only to be car salesman upon finishing their four-year eligibility, likely without a college degree.

I know, I sound way cynical. I'm really not that bad - I simply thinkg it's just funny that such a big deal is made out of "Signing Day." I mean, we don't even make this big of a deal when 2nd string NFL players are traded from team to team, and they were the best players on their college teams most of the time.

I love America - never ceases to make me laugh.

In other news, I hope the Super Bowl isn't a letdown. It's either going to be a ridiculously close game because Peyton Manning struggles to figure out the Saints D...or the Colts are going to absolutely demolish the Saints and America's going to let out a ginormous "huh, oh well" after building up this whole "Redemption of New Orleans" based on a football game. I like the Saints a lot, I do, so don't get me wrong - I want them to win. I just don't see anyone beating Peyton Manning right now. Even if his team was all 12 year olds.

Another wonder of the day: what percentage of Americans are actively looking for new jobs while employed at their current spot? That would be a fun stat. Even more fun - and fitting for the season - what percentage of Americans pay income taxes. Hahaha I don't know that I reallllly want to know the answer to that one.

Anyway, Happy Hump Day!

Big flag football game tonight - hopefully I can walk tomorrow.


Blogger Farmer Heath said...

Did you have a camera on your when you signed with Wheaton? What about when you were drafted into the K-league?

7:53 PM  

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