Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Go Go Gadget Flow

Haha, so I have that song in my head...it's catchy - if you haven't heard it, look it up. Lupe Fiasco. "Go Go Gadget Flow." He raps about his love for his hometown - Chi-town - I can feel that.

So anyway, time for my semi-annual blog post! I really really will "try" to post more, but don't be surprised if I don't - if anyone even reads this. I don't really remember what I was blogging about last time I wrote, and I'm too lazy to go back and look, but I think it was February. Since then, I've had some events occur in my life:

Graduated from FLDP at Lockheed Martin - I now am in my full-time job, which is proposal analysis...it's been good and challenging, but I still think I want something more with my life. With the economy today though, I can't complain. I have a job. I get paid every Friday.

Graduated from UF's MBA program, which had absolutely no effect on my current status - no raise, no promotion, nada. Funny how that works. Hopefully in the future I'll be able to leverage it in whatever I want to do.

Tiffany got let go from her job at Channel 6 - definitely shows how bad the economy is when they pick the higher paid of 2 reporters, and don't replace her but just overwork everyone else. They let a ton of people go, so they are really struggling now. What we found though, was a huge blessing in disguise. She was tired of her job, and tired in general. She was under contract until the end of 2009, so they have to pay her and give full benefits till then - talk about BONUS! So she's been relaxing and mostly chillin out the last couple months while getting paid. In a couple months she'll have to start looking for the next step in life, and if that looks anything like the last one. I know that will be decision time for me as well, because if we look to move, it will likely be US looking to move, as we don't really want to live in different places. So yes, things are going to get stressful in t-minus 3ish months. Hopefully not all stressful though ;)

I turned 25. I guess that's some sort of landmark age, but who knows. Life goes on, days in, days out.

Took Tiffany to visit Colorado in April. She loved it. We got to eat at my favorite spots, go to a Rockies game, go up to Boulder and Estes Park. Pretty awesome.

Long and short, things have changed a lot, but really they've stayed the same. Tiffany and I joined a new small group with my church, and I think it will be really good. It's only the second one I've been in, and I think it's the first for Tiff. It will be a stretching experience, but a really good one, because things that stretch you, grow you. I think it's something she and I both need - to be pushed in the direction we both desire deeply and need in our lives.

Things with Tiffany are great, and we've had our bumps and bruises along the way, but I love her muey mucho. I think we're both growing a lot in life still - I don't think you ever stop growing up. I think we have a great balance of childlike-ness and adult-ness, but I think we both need to embrace maturing and learning about life, and staying young and carefree as long as possible! We're enjoying being in love, and doing this adventure together.

I am going on an awesome midwest trip with her next month, and we're psyched about it!

Read and be jealous...or not...b/c it probably doesn't ALL sound fun, but we have friends we want to see, as you will probably figure from the locations we chose:

Day 1: Fly to Sioux City, Iowa - my best friend from high school, Jim, will pick us up
Days 2-3: Hang out in Sioux City with Jim - hopefully there is SOMEthing to do there
Day 4: Jim drops us off in Omaha, Nebraska, and we drive East. We might stop through Des Moines to have lunch with my boy Heath, from Wheaton, and then keep rollin East. We'll end up in Davenport, Iowa, where Tiffany lived for a year, and stay with her friend.
Day 5: Hang out in the Quad Cities, Tiffany will show me around - we will eat at Old Chicago (I miss that place)
Day 6: Head East again, driving to Chicago. Drop our car off downtown, possibly hit up a Sox game, and hang out in the city. We'll meet up with my friends from college - Tim and Siao, and have some fun.
Day 7: Continue the fun in Chicago, adventures all around
Day 8: Drive up to Muskegon, Michigan with Tim and Siao, ending up at my buddy Seth Barkett's place. We used to take this trip every year at Easter, all of my friends, and just have a blast. We're keeping the tradition alive - there should be about 12 of us up there having a blast :)
Day 9: Continue the fun in Michigan
Day 10: Drive back to Chicago and fly back home. Cry from depression that vacation is over.

So that's the near future! Hopefully write more soon. I'm making up for lost time with quantity of words, see?!?! You love it.

I love you. I think. 2 songs have passed since I started.

- T


Blogger Farmer Heath said...

Hey Shakespeare, it's nice to read something new on this blog :) I'm excited to meet Tiffany because I have sooooo many questions about what it's like to be on television, like, did she ever meet the muppets?

12:03 AM  

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