Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'm so excited! My favorite band in the world, Sleeping at Last, came out with their new album, "Storyboards" yesterday! I just went to their website, and downloaded it. I got it instantly, and they'll send me a physical copy in the mail in a couple weeks.

Their music is seriously life-changing. It is like the soundtrack to my life, and touches all of my emotions deeply. It puts me in a place no other music ever has. Everyone I have ever referred to it has grown to love is what music should be.

Anyway, you should check it out. If you trust me enough, download it with no previewing and either burn it and go for a drive, or put your earphones in and just listen...but listen all the way through. You will end up calm, happy, and introspective.

In other news, found out today that Tiffany will be needing a second ACL surgery...this time with the patella tendon (last time was hamstring, and it stretched out). They will have to remove this huge screw in her knee and then she will go through a lot of rehab. It will be tough, but I am excited for her to be able to do everything she wants to do in the end :) I will get to meet this soccer star I've heard tales about! We'll have to remind ourselves of that over the 5 1/2 month rehab period before she gets to play sports. If you remember it, pray for her. Surgery will probably be in about 5 weeks.



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