Friday, February 06, 2009

Catch My Breath

Life is funny. Keeps you on your toes. When you step back and realize that you only have one life to live - about 90 years (give or take) on this earth - its a little intimidating. What will you do with your time here? What will be important to you? Where will you go, and how will you spend your time and energy? You are only at this exact point in time once - here, today...and no matter how badly you'd love to be somewhere else, you aren't. The time and effort involved in uprooting all you know and all you have is one of the scariest possible endeavors for a person to consider. So we sit, and wait, for someone or something to come along and change our situation...and if that someone or something never comes, we sometimes end up sitting in the same place, exactly as we are, until we are so far past our ability to achieve our dreams that all we're left with is regret.


Scary right?

This is a thought process I wrestle with regularly, because I refuse to be that person. From looking at me, where I am today, you wouldn't know it. But I have such a burning desire to use the gifts I've been given for something I love, and something which will change people's lives, that I need to remind myself not to be that person above.

Now that I've ranted, I will move on to another subject, not entirely unrelated...

The last few months, I have been fortunate enough for someone amazing to come into my life and challenge my preconceived notions of many things in life. She pushes me to be the man I was made to be - to find a way to use my gifts and to find joy in what I do. She has given me a new understanding of what love is - and I thought I knew. She has rearranged my priorities in such a way that I not only want to be doing something I love, but whatever I'm doing, I want to be near her. I have never wanted to be near someone so much.

I am excited for this upcoming year, because though I am nervous about where I'll be and what I'll do, I do know a couple things:

Wherever I go, I think I found someone I want to go with, and whatever I do, I think that someone will push me to seek out what I REALLY should be doing. I feel so lucky to be able to talk about someone like this and know that she feels the same way about me, and I'm excited to see where this all takes us...

And whenever I know when and where I'm going, I'll let you (the generic "you") know...

T minus 72 days until MBA graduation
T minus approximately 100 days until LM Finance Leadership Development Program completion

Then...we'll see.

- Ya Boi.


Blogger Farmer Heath said...

There's a T-Storm brewing off the coast of Florida ready to make landfall. By "she" did you mean "me" :) I love reading your posts (every couple of months).

9:23 AM  

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