Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Big Time

So, as I considered the value of creating these "blogs," which no one will read, I wasn't sure what made this seem worthwhile. Maybe it is just for me to see my own thoughts on a page, or maybe it is the enjoyment of creating something, or maybe I'm just bored, but I figure I can find something good here. I guess this will just be a journal of sorts, where I let myself tell it like it is, life unfolding.
After that preamble, I'll take it to my life. Here I am, in front of a computer, at a table surrounded by cubicles in this environment previously so foreign to me. I just started this internship at Merchants Mortgage and Trust Company, and I am an intern in the accounting department. This is a whole new life, I'm telling you. Working all day, taking a lunch break, going home at the end of the day, tired and feeling like I deserve a break (even though all I did was sit around and think and move my fingers around all day). It's weird. Not so sure I could do this for a living, but who knows? Not me.
It is pretty amazing to think of the value of this job to the rest of my life, in comparison with other things I have done up until now. I am actually doing business, and I am responsible for real money in real accounts. That is a pretty valuable experience, and pretty unique (from what I hear) for a simple intern position. We'll see how I feel about it all in a few weeks, or months, but for now I think it's a good thing. I don't necessarily like getting out of bed in the morning for work, and it may be just because it's 6:45 am, but hopefully I can get excited about coming to work too. Ha, bet you wanted to hear all that. Oh wait, probably not, but you just did.