Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Work has felt like absolute torture the last couple of weeks. People have been quitting all over the place, and I am now doing the job of more than 2 people. My own manager fights with me about the fact that I do work for other people too (which I don't have a choice about), I am taking over programs from people who absolutely screwed them up and I now have to try to put them back together (which is NOT fun when your customer is the US government, who audits you pretty much every ten minutes). I am not a happy camper. Oh, and this latest girl who quit lost a bunch of my files when she was transferring hers to me, so now I'm in deep crap hoping the tech people can recover them. I'm surrounded by idiots.

Thanks for listening...well, thanks for listening Jim, since I think you're the only person who reads this...I just needed to let off some steam.

Anyway, on to the rest of my life...Halloween is this week, but I was pretty much Halloweened out after Saturday night's Halloween party. Funny, we had to go to one for Erica's work, but she was the only one who didn't get the call that it had been cancelled due to her boss getting ill earlier that day. So you need to picture us, all dressed up in costume, a platter of goodies in our arms, walking down a dark neighborhood street, repeatedly ringing the doorbell at a dark house and re-reading the invitation about nine times to make sure we weren't crazy. Haha. Luckily we went home, at some food, and headed over to the party with my friends and had a grand old time.

The Nuggets' season starts up tonight, and I'm trying to get excited, but I'm still on a low from being so into the Rockies only to see them go down in flames. I'm trying to get excited about anything lately, but work and the fact that I am literally broke and worried about making ends meet each month has kind of taken the air completely out of my balloon.

I don't know, but something's gotta give, right?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Loooooong Weeeeeeeeeek

I don't know why, but this week just FEELS long already. I hate when I don't have a lot of crap to do some week at work and I know the next week I'm going to get absolutely plowed over with work...ugggggghhhh.

Anyway, I cannot wait for the Rockies' first World Series game tomorrow night. I haven't been nervous for them at all through this entire postseason because the way they've been playing, I know nobody could beat them. I've gotta be honest - I'm nervous now. And not even because its the Red Sox; its because of the week and a half layoff they've had in between games. I just don't want us to get embarrassed after all that work. We shall see - I'll be cheering my face off (literally).

Its weird living in Florida in the late fall/winter. Today it hit 92 degrees outside. I mean, really? That just seems wrong. Going to a Halloween party and it being hot outside? Weird...

Erica just got a job at Sea World - she'll be doing "underwater dancing"...I'm very interested to see what that looks like. But then again we get good deals on going to Sea World, so that's neat. And at least she has a job. That is also neat.

I dunno...drag drag drag goes today. I love the Jimmy Eat World album. Erica won't let me listen to it in the car with her anymore haha...good times.

I want to get off work and go to the gym...I feel bleagchhhh.

Good times. GO ROCKIES!!!!!!!

PS - hilarious and frustrating all at once that the Rockies can't even succeed at selling World Series tickets online. The one chance they have to make boatloads of money and they can't even get the website to work. Hilarious. Sad.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007



The Rockies have to wait an entire week to begin playing in the World Series...I'm just hoping they still remember how to play baseball by then!!! Haha, it's been INCREDIBLE watching them sweep everyone and their mom this last month...unbelievable. I'm so caught up in the Rox spirit.

I am trying to figure out how to create a pirate costume for Halloween out of not expensive items...I'm thinking of cutting up some black sweatpants, buying a cheap white collared shirt at Goodwill and shredding that up, getting a red sash to cut it and tie it around my head and my waist, get some plastic sword thingy, and luckily I already have the setup to throw some big cheap ghetto hoop earrings in...then all I need is some black makeup for the face and I'm think? You like?

I have a softball game truly is one of the things I look forward to a lot every week. I have found that I am actually pretty dang good at softball and I get competitive, but then I have the greatest team b/c whether we lose 10-1 or we win 15-2, we still go out afterwards and eat and drink and laugh. I like. You like? I like.

The cable guy came for the second straight week and luckily Erica came over so I didn't have to leave work...the only channel I have trouble with is CBS in HD...and it ONLY happens on SUNDAYS...which is the only time I even watch it!!!! So if it screws up when football is on, what's the point? I think I'm going to try to get a refund...cable company is screwing me b/c they don't know how to fix it. Re-donk-u-lous.

Other than that, today is a pretty good day. Trying to decide if I want to ride my motorcycle to Daytona this weekend for Biketoberfest. If you've never heard of it, you should look it up. It's crazy. I went last year and I honestly have never seen that many motorcycles in my entire life to that point, combined.

I miss my good friends pretty regularly. I often think about how my life would be the bomb if I had the guys I really love living near me. That would be amazing.

Jimmy Eat World's new album "Chase This Light" just came out. I bought it yesterday morning and listened to it twice while I worked out and once in the car so far. It's growing on me. The last track is my favorite ("Dizzy")...if you buy it on itunes you get that last track in an acoustic version too.

Anyway, keep it real. As if you had a choice.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Twilight Zone

So in the tradition of my best friend Jim Ellis creating his new blog...I figured I would go back and remember a time when I had a blog.

This blog, in fact. And reading my last post is craziness to realize how far I've come since then. I mean, physical miles, emotional miles, spiritual miles...MILES and MILES. I really don't even know how to describe it...but nonetheless, here I am in a new world, and I'm ready for someone to hear about it. I guess.

I now live in Orlando, Florida...what many people call Tourist Country, USA, but I honestly don't really live near all that Disney/Universal jazz, so to me its just a city that thinks it's bigger than it is. I live near none of the friends I had when I wrote the last blog, and I have seen the beauty of the Colorado mountains I was enjoying every day back then only a few days in the last nutso.

Nonetheless, I am sitting in my office at Lockheed Martin (where I now work), realizing that I don't really have time to be doing I need to get back to my extremely exciting job. Speaking of which, someone just came by needing me to help them do a "progress bill", so if you know what that means, I'm sorry. If you don't, then be glad.

I probably love you. So keep doin' it. BRB peeps. I'll tell you more about more later.

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