Monday, February 15, 2010

On to the Next One...

Tiffany got a job today!!!!!

This has definitely been "her month" - I hope it continues.

First, she turned 30 on February 2nd...but still looks 18. For her birthday, I took her to St. Augustine for the weekend - we had an amazing time filled with the nicest hotel in town (, an great walk through town and to see the old fort (, an amazing restaurant for dinner and sangria made table-side (, a haunted pub tour (, and other great times!!!! Then this weekend I got 40 people together and we had an awesome FORMAL surprise birthday party at Pate's house - great times had by all, and she was totally surprised after I made her get dressed up to go to dinner at Maggiano's...mmmmmm.

THEN, today she got word that she was offered a reporter job as our local FOX station here in Orlando, and she starts in two weeks :) This is a huge answer to prayer, as it has been a trying several months of stress, frustration, and waiting...but I'm so thankful she was able to make it out the other side with a great offer and a great opportunity here in town!!!!

As for me, I'm still waiting for ESPN to call me and beg me to come talk about NBA basketball on TV for a living. I know they really are looking to round out their under-six-foot white guy who never played basketball past high school quota. I just know it.

I'm hoping Tiffany rounds out her wonder-month by getting back to jogging after months and months of rehabilitating her surgically-repaired knee. We're gonna get ourselves beach ready before the summer!!!!!

Anyway, just sharing the it rolls.

Go Nuggets.


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